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Gundam Seed chibi character theater Part #01

February 14, 2009

Gundam Seed chibi character theater Part #01

Gundam Seed chibi character theater Part #02

Gundam Seed chibi character theater Part #03

characters of gundam seed…starring Kira Athrun Shinn Rey Lunamaria Meyrin

Gundam Seed chibi character theater Part #04

Although this is funny, it is a little bit gross, and a little bit insulted kira

Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny Chibi characters.

Gundam started off as Mobile Suit Gundam which aired in Japan in 1979. Which followed in 1983 with more real militaristic looking series of models as a promotion. Mobile Suit Variation (MSV) 1985 Z-Gundam was aired and a whole new gundam was made. With the abillity to transform to a fighter known as Wave Raider mode. 1986 Double zeta gundam aired. This design was completely new. The gundam itself can be split into 3 separate units and combine to form the Gundam. In the 90s Gundam under went so many changes. The well known is the multi-purpose F-90 Gundam. which can have a variety of weapons put on to it depending on situations. Then the F91 having a sleek design. Being a multi-ranged attack unit. F91 came out as a movie. Then in 2000 another CGI movie which was also a game on the PS2 Gundam G-saviour. this too had a whole new design. After that came the Strike Gundam, Blitz Gundam, etc. from Gundam Seed. Then the exia from Gundam 00.